Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Changing to a fringe

Like many black goddesses, I am a great fan of Brazilian hair extensions. I've had my braids for six months now and they still look great, but it's time for a change. This time I am going to have a weave on as I want to have a fringe for a while. This is a popular look among Afro Caribbean women at the moment and a lot of black celebrities have adopted it, including Alexandra Burke (see photo).I am going to have 32 inch extensions which look really sexy and which I can cut and layer over time to change my look and keep fresh, using Motions, my product of choice, to keep it looking shiny.
A frine helps to show off the facial features and can look great - provided that you use good quality hair extensions. For me, that means Brazilian hair, You can get it from the http://www.bestblackhairextensions.com/ website, where there is an excellent range of lengths and styles.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Advantages of being a black woman

One of the many advantages of being a black woman is that we have the option of changing our hair styles whenever we feel like it. Any man who dates a black woman will find their friends will be envious because we change our hair so often that they will think they are going out with a succession of gorgeous women - even though there's just one.
With Chris Rock's upcoming movie Good Hair coming out soon in the UK there will be even more attention on the advantages of hair.extensions.  And as we all know, my gorgeous black sisters, European women are getting into the groove. For example Cheryl Cole wears extensions for her advert for L'Oreal.
Here's a photo of the gorgeous Aleisha Dixon - another black woman who knows how to look good by wearing extensions.
Check out http://bestblackhairextensions.com/index.html

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Alexandra Burke - brave kidney offer

Hi everyone.
I read that soul sister Alexandra Burke - X Factor winner in 2008 - has offered her kidney to her sick mum, but that her offer has been turned down. Apparently her mother Melissa Bell said 'If you take a kidney from a woman who hasn’t had babies, you take away her chance of a family. That’s more than robbery, it’s downright wicked.’  Melissa rose to fame herself in the 1980s singing with Soul II Soul.
Alexandra is a role model for Afro Caribbean goddesses who love their hair to look good. One way I've found of making my hair extensions look great is by using Motions hair products. They make my hair look light and smooth and I can feel the breeze blowing through my hair as though it's completely natural. When you brush the hair it's like brushing European hair and it gives the hair a naturally fluffy look.
Of course, you need good quality hair extensions to make it look good, and the best hair for Afro Caribbean goddesses is Brazilian hair. You can check it out at http://bestblackhairextensions.com/index.html

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome to Afro Caribbean Hair

Hi and welcome to my new blog - all about Afro Caribbean hair and beauty. I'm a black Goddess and proud of it. I turn heads wherever I go. Let's face it, black Goddesses love their hair to be smooth, silky and absolutely gorgeous. And mine is fantastic.
Afro-Caribbean women invariably take great pride in the way they look and for most, it’s their hair that gets the most attention and which they take the greatest pride in.
There are many techniques and styles that go towards making Afro-Caribbean hair look fantastic and although many of them take time to put in place, the results are well worth the effort. Afro-Caribbean women want to look their best and they are prepared to take the time and effort to achieve it. A fantastic head of hair not only makes them feel great, but boosts their confidence whether they are at work or out on the town.
The best quality hair extensions for Afro-Caribbean women like me come from Virgin hair. This is human hair which is still in its original state and has not been permed, coloured or chemically processed in any way.
It is carefully cut with the cuticle going in the same direction and preserved to maintain its special quality. Of course, obtaining this hair takes time, which accounts for its premium price, but it is of premium quality and is in demand from Afro-Caribbean goddesses who refuse to settle for second best.
Also of a high quality is Remy hair, which has also been cut from a single donor, with the cuticle going in the same direction, but which may have been coloured or permed. Like Virgin hair,  it is usually soft and silky and is popular in making hair extensions.
Afro-Caribbean goddesses like to look different so there are many different styles that they will consider. These include braiding, where strands of hair are weaved together into Cornrows, which are flat braids, or for extensions.
Then there are Dreadlocks, where hair is naturally or through manipulation encouraged to matte and a form a cylindrical, rope-like patter. And there is Weaving, where Wefted hair is attached to a base, or track, and held together by fine threads, either machine wefted or hand tied. Most hair for these extensions is machine wefted in fine, medium or heavy wefts.
Popular in the 1960s and 1970s was the Afro, where the natural hair is picked and moulded into a large, rounded shape, and also popular over a long period are Wigs, where a full cap of hair covers the entire head as a substitute for hair.
Afro-Caribbean hair products and techniques include Clarifying Shampoos, which are designed to remove products, hard water or chlorine residue that build up over time; Heat Clamps, which are used to seal synthetic hair; Relaxer, which is a chemical process by which the hair permanently straightened; Texturiser, which is mild relaxing treatment; and Steaming, which is the process by which most synthetic hair is curled at the factory.
So there are a wide range of ways that Afro-Caribbean women like me can make themselves look their best by making sure their hair looks good.
The problem many experience is: where do I get the best quality hair? The answer can be found at http://bestblackhairextensions.com/index.html which focuses on the best Brazilian hair for hair extensions – hair that is silky and soft and looks fantastic. This is the hair that makes me look so fabulous. Like many Afro-Caribbean women, I love that ‘celebrity’ look, with long 20 inch, 26 inch or 30 inch Brazilian hair extensions which come down to well below my shoulders, but others prefer shorter wavy Brazilian hair from 14 inches to 18 inches in length, which also looks great.