Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Proud to be a Black Woman

Once upon a time many black women were dubious about using hair extensions in case they were accused of trying to make themselves look white by having straight hair. But now that's all changed. Black women have always been adventurous and have tried different looks to help make themselves look good. They embrace their naturally tight curly hair because it gives them an advantage when it comes to changing their look. With hair extensions a black woman can choose the look she wants, whereas European women's hair is often too fine and needs glue. With more and more mixed race people being born, the trend will continue and black women are showing that they are proud to be who they are and what they are.
Just how much times have changed is illustrated by Chris Rock's film Good Hair, which examines the black hair industry in a humorous way but is also a serious look at this booming $9 billion industry. The film looks at beauty salons, barber shops, hair stying conventions and hair laboratories, as well as visiting the places where natural hair extensions actually come from. One of the celebrities taking part in the film is American actress, singer-songwriter, comedienne, dancer, television producer and model Raven-Symone (pictured) who always shows off her hair extensions to good effect.
Like her, any black woman can change her looks on a regular basis and decide what style works for her. The best quality hair extenions can be obtained from So why not take advantage of being a black woman and use your hair extensions to help show off how good you look?